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Accessible AI for everyone. No barrier of entry

An integrated AI/ML application* platform empowering access to AI through automation and super* affordability

Accessible AI for everyone
through automation and operationalisation with super affordability.



You are served with smart model recommendations. Our platform is smart to know what machine learning problem lies in your data and give you options to choose. Instantly and accurately. 

Highly automatic 

Let's the platform do the hard work for you. The platform recommend. You pick what is good for you. And the platform will make it as you wish. All automatically.


Super cost effective /
Super cheap

Our IPs in machine learning operationalisation offer you the best performance as you have a human data science expert with only a fraction of costs. No heavy upfront investment into the necessary infrastructure required.

Easy to use /
User friendly

Our super user friendly UI offers unprecedented openness, transparency and insights into the internal mechanics of your prediction. The platform provides explainable and auditable AI through a wide range of meaningful visuals.


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Automatic Modelling

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