• Manufacturing

    With the rise of intensified global competition manufacturers are using AI for innovative solutions across predictive maintenance, predictive process design, supply chain optimization, and more.

  • Banking and Financial Services

    Competition for customer share of wallet is strong, so firms look to build a competitive advantage in marketing while also fighting, fraud, money laundering, and other issues. Adoption of AI results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, decreased fraud, and reduced regulatory penalties.

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  • Public Sector 

    Data science technologies are shifting to a necessity, and governments are increasingly allocating resources to develop these capabilities. The public sector is awash with potential to apply machine learning-based techniques to better serve citizens in areas like health, safety, public services, defense, education, and justice.

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  • Telecommunications

    Telecommunication companies are improving business through better customer experience and streamlined operations. AI is powering these improvements to reduce churn, increase customer loyalty and retention and optimize marketing efforts, all adding to the bottom line.

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  • Marketing and Advertising

    Marketing teams rely on finding and cultivating valuable customers to build a profitable business. Companies using AI are enjoying the benefits of increased sales, optimized marketing efforts, improved segmentation, better personalization, and a clear view of the next best actions and offers.

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  • Logistics and Supply Chain

    More than ever AI is a necessity for organizations in the transportation, supply chain, and logistics industry to gain and maintain a competitive edge. AI can be applied to improve operational efficiency, dynamic pricing, smart-infrastructure and traffic management, predictive maintenance, and supply chain optimization and demand forecasting.

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