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Create a feature set (optional)

Create additional feature sets to train your models on.

In this article, you will create additional feature sets in your app.

Note: To find out more about feature sets, see What is a feature set?

1. Select Feature Sets

Within your app, select FEATURE SETS in the top navigation. You will be presented with a list of feature sets, and you should see the Recommended feature set that the Engine has automatically created.


2. Add a new feature set

In the same page, select CREATE NEW FEATURE SET.


Step 1: Create your feature set

Here, enter a name and description for your feature set:

  • Name: Sample feature set
  • Description: Optional

Click NEXT.


Step 2: Select features

  • Click on "Select all" to select all the features
  • Untick the columns to deselect them from the feature set

Click on ADD NEW FEATURE SET, and you are done.