How to create a new project?

This article walks you through the steps to create a project from the AI & Analytics Engine homepage

You can watch a quick tutorial here:



Step 1: Click on the "New Project" button.

The "New Project" button can be found in two places:

The first: From the Homepage, click on the first folder with the text "create new project"


The second: From the Homepage, click the project dropdown and click the "create new project" button


Step 2: Fill out the New Project Dialog

  • Try to fill out as many fields as you can and then click "Next" on the bottom right of the dialog screen.

Warning: The field Project name is compulsory. The "Next" button is disabled until this field is correctly filled out.

Fill out the project name field on the dialog box

  • Once finished, click on the "Create Project" on the bottom right of the dialog screen.

Note: "Add user" is optional. To manage users' access to your project, read this article.

Creating a project