How to change the schema in create new dataset?

This guide will show you how to change the schema (column names & column datatype) in create new dataset.

Note: To see the full process for creating a new dataset, please see "create a new dataset".

In step 4 and the final step of the create new dataset process, users can modify the dataset's schema:

  • Change the dataset's column name in "New Column Name"

By default, the Engine automatically makes changes to the column names if the original column name is not unique or if it contains special characters. Any change to the column name(s) will be highlighted in blue.

  • Change the datatype for individual columns in the dataset

By default, the Engine automatically detects the most suitable datatype for each column. Users can opt to change the individual column's datatype by selecting the drop-down in the datatype column, and the change will be reflected in the sample data column. 

Tip: For data sources that specify the schema (e.g. SQL servers), the column names cannot be changed, and the datatype can only be changed for string columns.