How to duplicate a feature set?

This article outlines the steps to duplicate a feature set.

NOTE: This specifically applies to classification & regression problem types

Step 1: Navigate to the Feature Set listing page

  • From the Homepage, select the project you want
  • Select the App you want (from the left navigation bar) to view the list of feature sets
  • In the App page, select the Feature Sets tab on the left navigation bar


Step 2: Click the Duplicate icon

  • Click the Duplicate icon on the same row as the feature set to be duplicated.
  • The duplicate dialog will appear on the screen.


Step 3: Fill out the fields in the dialog

  • Input the
    • Feature set name
    • Feature set description (optional)
  • Click NEXT on the bottom right of the dialog.


Step 4: Select the features to be included

The list of features is automatically pre-selected with the selected feature set to be duplicated. Users can then make further changes by selecting or unselecting feature sets.

Finish the process by clicking on "Add New Feature Set".


Note: Feature sets with the same selected columns, referred to as duplicated feature sets, are not allowed in the engine. Users have to change the column selection to successfully duplicate a feature set

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