How do I edit a feature set?

This article outlines the steps to edit a feature set


NOTE: This specifically applies to classification & regression problem types

Step 1: Navigate to the Feature Set listing page

  • From the Homepage, select the project you want to go to
  • Select the App you want to view (on the left navigation bar) the list of feature sets for
  • In the App page, select the Feature Sets tab on the left navigation bar


Step 2: Select the Feature Set to edit

  • Click the pencil icon on the same row of the feature set to be edited
  • Users will be directed to the feature set editing page

Caution: The Default feature set is not editable.



Step 3: Activate the editing mode

  • Click the Edit Selection button on the right.


Step 4: Edit the feature set and save the changes

  • Check and uncheck the boxes next to the column names to include in or exclude them from the feature set.
  • Click the Save changes button on the right.


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