How to filter preview in recipe-building session?

This guide will show you the different ways you can filter your preview in the recipe-building session.

In the recipe-building session, it may be difficult at times to find or scan the columns in your dataset, especially if your dataset contains a large number of columns. Apart from scrolling left to right in the preview panel, users can also filter the preview by:

  • Column's name; or
  • Column's datatype

Filtering by column name

Select the filter icon and you will be presented with 6 different options:

  1. Contains
  2. Starts with
  3. Ends with
  4. Does not contain
  5. Does not start with
  6. Does not end with
  7. Matches (supports regular expression)

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Select your desired condition, then input your filter term.

Filtering by column datatype

Select the filter icon and navigate to the "By Type" tab. It will show you a list of all the data types in your dataset.

Select one or more data types that you would like the filter to show.