How do I generate and download a batch prediction file?

This article walks you through the steps to generate and download a prediction file from the AI & Analytics Engine.

Step 1: Go to a model page

From the model leaderboard or the model list, select the model you want to use to make predictions for your input file.

Note: Only models that are successfully trained with the status READY, can be used to make predictions

From model leaderboard From model leaderboard 

From model list From model list 

Step 2 - Go to the PREDICTION tab from the model summary page

From the model summary page, there are two ways for users to navigate to the Batch prediction feature:

Option 1: Click on the Prediction tab

Option 2: On the Prediction section, click on the “Try now” link of the Batch prediction card

Prediction tab

Step 3 - Upload the input file

  • Drag and drop the input file to the file-upload rectangle or click on it and select the input file

  • The input file can be:

    • Up to 100MB in size; and

    • In one of the following file types:

File Format File Extension
Comma-Separated Values (CSV) .csv
JSON Lines .jsonl
Parquet .parquet
  • In the input file, as long as the required columns are included, it can also include redundant unused columns, i.e. the extra columns that are not in the feature set used to train the model.

    • The names and the data type of the required columns in the input file must match their corresponding column names and data type in the feature set used to train the model

Tip: You can also use the Recipe feature in the Engine to transform the input file to meet the column name and data type requirements. Then, you can download the processed file in the acceptable formats.

  • When the toggle is:

    • Disabled, the prediction output file only has the prediction output column;

    • Enabled, the prediction output file has all the columns from the input file, and the prediction column


Step 4: Click PREDICT to make predictions

  • After clicking PREDICT, the file is displayed under "Prediction results".


Step 5: Download the prediction file

  • Once the prediction file is ready, scroll to the right and click on the download icon

  • Optional: Edit the name of the download file. Note: This optional step cannot be done on Linux OS Systems.


Step 6: View errors of failed predictions

  • For failed predictions, click on the error icon to see the error details.