How to use the formula editor in an action?

This guide will show you what actions support the use of formula and how to use the formula editor.

Actions that support formulas

Currently, there are three actions in the action catalogue that supports the use of formulas:

  • Create a new column with a formula
  • Transform columns with a formula
  • Filter rows

Where is the formula editor?

The formula editor can be found in the action catalogue, when the user is adding an action that supports the use of formulas.

How does the formula editor work?

Formulas define an expression that applies on a per-row basis. The expression can be built using operators as well as functions.

For example, if we have two columns (A) and (B), we could use:

  • Operators: Create new column C with formula A + B
  • Functions: Create new column C with formula IF(A>B, 1, 0)


These are the operators supported currently in the formula editor:

  • Regular math operators: +, -, *, /
  • Comparison operators: >, >=, <, <=, ==, !=
    • Can only be used on numeric, date-time, boolean, and text columns.
  • Arithmetic operators: %
  • Boolean operators: AND OR NOT


We currently support 80 different functions in the formula editor.

Note: To see the full list of functions, see "Custom Formula Functions".

Tip: You can use operators within a function.

Tip: Here's a video tutorial on Using the Custom Formula Editor