What is a model template in the context of clustering?

This article defines a model template in the context of clustering in the AI & Analytics Engine.

For clustering on the Engine, a machine learning model template, or more commonly known as a machine learning algorithm, is a program (math and logic) that, given a set of features in a dataset, identifies groups of similar records (similar in the selected features subset) within the dataset and assigns a specific ID to the records belonging to each group.

These programs are used when the data does not have any other information or labels allowing us to segment the records into separate groups, where the groups have distinct features, but the records within them are similar.

Note: To assist users with the selection of a model template, the clustering app chooses the most suitable model for the given input data and automatically configures the required parameters for it. See this article on how to create an app to discover natural groups of similar items in your data using the Engine.