Machine Learning Solution Templates  

No data scientist? No problem.

We have taken easy-to-use to the next level by pre-building templated ML solutions, that guide you from data to prediction with only a few key steps - everything else is taken care of.  


What is a machine learning solution template?

A pre-built pipeline that asks simple business questions about the problem and your data to guide you with simple steps from data upload to prediction.

What if there is no template I need listed here?

We work hard to add new templates often, please submit a request below via the form or contact us and we can show you how easy it can be to build your solution from scratch.  

Can I still build my own machine learning solution from scratch?

Yes, you can, we have FlexiBuild Studio, an easy-to-use option where you can select to solve regression, classification, or clustering problem types. 

Can I book a meeting to ask about suitability of a template for me?

Yes, we welcome it! Please find a time that suits you!


Don't see a template for you?
We are all-ears to new ideas.