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With easy to follow recommendations to rapidly build and operate your highly scalable AI applications in a cost-effective way

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The PI.EXCHANGE AI & ANALYTICS Engine is built and tested by our world-class data scientists with recognition worthy Fortune 500 experience under their belt. PI.EXCHANGE combines its novel inventions with extensive know-hows in AI/ML, data engineering and automation to make AI so easy for everyone, every business, big or small. You can build up your own AI capabilities with a click of a button!


No upfront investment & low on-going costs

Innovation at speed & at scale

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PI.EXCHANGE AI & Analytics Engine

Fast prototyping with Smart Recommendation

Simply upload your data and the Engine will do the rest with recommendations for the most appropriate algorithms to help you build your AI applications.

Collaborative Development & Insight Exploration

Flexible and interactive! Develop your AI applications alone or with your team. Coach, supervise and embrace AI in your business together.

Continuous & Autonomous Active Learning with Security & Privacy

Train and deploy within a Security & Privacy by design environment. The Engine actively ensures the smartness of your AI applications.

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Scale up your competitive advantage

While you sleep, the Engine will keep smartening your AI applications and give you world-class AI capabilities without a huge upfront investment. We arm your Data Science team with the tool-sets to enable the AI capabilities that currently only exist in the tech-giants like Google, Facebook or Uber. 

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The white-label differentiator

For SMBs and large enterprises across various sectors, we offer this technology as a 100% white-label product. Our Engine is environment agnostic with flexible deployment options. Clients choose us because we make them smarter, no matter what ML platform they are using!

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