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The AI & Analytics Engine and MongoDB Integration.

MongoDB is an open-source, nonrelational database management system (DBMS), often used by developers for its use of flexible documents as opposed to tables and rows to process and store data.

With the Engines direct integration, the data stored in your MongoDB database can be used within the AI & Analytics Engine to power predictive analytics and drive growth.

Connect the AI & Analytics Engine to the data in your MongoDB database with direct integration, and begin training machine learning models. Deploy the models and export predictions back into your MongoDB database.

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What is an in-built connector?

In-built connectors make it easy to connect to or upload your data and route the predictions where you need them. Whether that is exporting to a database, data visualization in a dashboard, or integrating with a product.

What if the connector I need is not listed here?

We work hard to add new connectors often, please contact us with your request.   

I need guidance on integration, can you help?

Yes we can, we have a team of software engineers ready to help provide guidance, contact us with your request.

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