Supercharge analysis with the
AI & Analytics Engine

The Engine automates many routine tasks performed by data scientists, and can empower business analysts looking to use machine learning in current workflows. With the Engine, it is easy for analysts to use machine learning for AI-powered business solutions. No coding required.

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A single end-to-end solution for all your analysis needs.

Get your head out from under those spreadsheets. With the AI & Analytics Engine, you can use predictive analytics to make better decisions without a team of data scientists.

The power of AI combined with business and domain knowledge helps analysts solve the hardest business problems

Build predictive insights rather than just backward-looking reporting

No need to write or maintain code

Automate tedious tasks like data cleaning 

Demonstrate tangible results without a data science degree

Test ideas rapidly and scale as needed

Use inbuilt integrations to get your data from anywhere and route predictions where the business needs them.


Why not try our Machine Learning Solution Templates? 

You don't need to be a data scientist to use your historical data for predictive analytics. 

Customer Churn Prediction

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Customer Segmentation 

Data-driven teams can unite to build value with data affordably and efficiently with a single end-to-end platform

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