A Data Scientist's machine learning helper

The Engine allows for greater creativity in very little time for Data Scientists.
Accelerate experimentation cycles and get machine learning workflows up and running in days. 

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The AI & Analytics Engine platform has helped me as a professional Data Scientist by allowing me to cut down on labour-intensive tasks via automation. I can get things done quicker via the UI and the API access that the platform provides.

A single tool, the AI & Analytics Engine lets you easily prepare, explore and present data, then build, test, and deploy machine learning models.

An easy-to-use GUI lets you import data, perform exploratory analysis, construct features relevant to the business problem and then build predictive models and clustering insights with a few clicks.

End-to-end ML workflow

Supercharge existing analysis and development processes.

The Engine is your data science secret weapon, easy to use without compromising on flexibility or performance. Why not automate some of the more tedious low-value tasks - and simplify the process for others?





Data analysis

Upload, analyze, and then wrangle your data with repeatable data preparation recipes

Upload files or connect your preferred database, use the visualization and analysis tool to quickly understand your data, then use the data-wrangling feature to build a "recipe" of data transformation actions and find new features. This recipe can be used again for incoming data requiring the same actions applied. 

Build machine learning models

Build and test Regression & Classification models with ease

After you select your features and target, the Engine provides a list of recommended algorithms to choose from. Save time by understanding the predictive performance of an algorithm prior to training. Select multiple algorithms to train concurrently and begin testing your ideas. 


Quickly cluster your data into natural groupings

Get clustering insights to discover and describe patterns in your data. The Engine uses clustering algorithms to analyze similarities and provides detailed descriptions of the cluster profile. You can export the clustered dataset to use in downstream data science activities or model development. 


Explain features that impact  model output to business users and perform what-if analysis with different input 

Make explaining the performance of your model easier with what-if analysis where you can change feature value and see the impact the predictive output and feature importance, and a clear visualization showing the impact of your features on the predictive output. 

Get your proof of concept up off the ground rapidly by testing and deploying new ideas within a single connected toolchain

Test new ideas quickly to get models into production fast.
The Engine is your end-to-end data science solution with clear benefits for Data Scientists:

No-code or low-code

State-of-the-art algorithms

Competitive performance with ML tools in the market

Quality insights and visualizations

Repeatable and maintainable ML workflows

Access the Engine from anywhere

Handles preparation and training of large datasets

ML outcomes in minutes not weeks

The AI & Analytics Engine means data-driven teams can unite to collectively build value with data

Get started with the AI & Analytics Engine free for two weeks and bring the power of AI into your team.

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