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“Every solution we looked at and tried required either an enormous amount of upfront work and expertise or a myriad of prerequisites and integrations. Only a handful of solutions were no or low code platforms and only one delivered on that promise and that was PI.EXCHANGE.”

Build your MVP, with a single AI solution 

The AI & Analytics Engine is a secret weapon for no-code or SaaS entrepreneurs looking to develop a software product with AI at its core. The Engine easily integrates with your platform, and is affordable enough to stay within budget - without compromising on scalability or performance.

Import data and export results, straight to your existing database.

The Engine connects straight into your existing systems via API.
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The Engine and software entrepreneurs is a match made in heaven. Separate yourself from competition by incorporating features made possible through AI capabilities, into your established software product, application or platform.  



Create unique features with predictions from AI models

Easily automate the deployment of model predictions via API

Affordable, usage-based plans, helping startups to stay within budget

Easy to use, no code user interface, no data scientists required



Wine pairing app

Leveraging ML to Power a Wine Pairing App and Predict the Quality of Vintage Wine 

Entrepreneur, Chris Hall, successfully powered his idea with machine learning using the AI & Analytics Engine. The result? A wine pairing app that predicts the quality of vintage wines.


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