Eliminate tedious work and get your models into production faster

The Engine allows Software Engineers to put the focus back on developing core IP by streamlining and automating tedious and repetitive machine learning project work.

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The AI & Analytics Engine is a powerful and easy-to-use Data Science and Machine Learning platform. The AI-guided automation and low code approach help us quickly adapt the Engine and apply it to our business cases. We mostly used the SDK and we like it because it is well-designed and can be extended easily upon request. Additionally, the support from the Customer Success team is fantastic and efficient with a very quick response time.

The AI & Analytics Engine empowers you to build and manage data-driven AI applications from end-to-end.

Click or code - it's your choice. You can get from data preparation to deploying a production-ready model fast.
No Data Scientists required.

End-to-end ML workflow

Supercharge existing analysis and development processes.

The Engine is your data science secret weapon, easy to use without compromising on flexibility or performance. Why not automate some of the more tedious low-value tasks - and simplify the process for others?

Get more done with repetitive data tasks automated and ML workflows streamlined

Robust and scalable pipelines are closer than you think. If you have worn many hats at once as a data practitioner, the Engine is your solution. 

The Engine is no one-trick pony. Be assured of benchmarked algorithms, flexible integration options, and data science best practices. 

State-of-the-art algorithms

GPU-specific algorithms to cater to your hardware configurations

Competitive performance with ML tools in the market

Automated pipeline creation and hyper-parameter tuning

Repeatable and maintainable ML workflows

Preparation and training of large datasets

Supports flexible machine learning workflows 

Spend time building your new product and features - not architecting APIs. Our API SDK lets you integrate machine learning swiftly. 

API & SDK Docs updated with APIs

Python SDK

Java SDK

Data transformation action catalogue

On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment options

ML model deployment with continuous learning 

The AI & Analytics Engine means data-driven teams can unite to collectively build value with data

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