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PI.EXCHANGE is a high-tech start-up, heavily focused on extracting more value from data to help businesses across domains. We understand the need to develop strong data science capabilities to fully extract value from data in the best way possible.  

PI.EXCHANGE, established in late 2016 in Melbourne, Australia, specialises in AI/Machine Learning and Data Analytics. 


Our Team


PI.EXCHANGE comprises of a team of highly skilled scientists, engineers and business leaders who combine their knowledge and passion to bring their vision to fruition. On top of this foundation, we also have a strong management and business development capability which ensures a sound and scalable business model. Our team possesses the combined skills of individuals with experiences in Fortune 500 organisations across the USA, the EU and APAC region in a variety of industries and sectors.


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Level 8, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, AUSTRALIA

+61 415 973 309