How to re-run clustering on the same data and criteria columns with different options and configurations?

This article outlines the steps to re-run clustering on the same data and criteria columns with different options and configurations.

Step 1 - Click the “Run another algorithm” button

The “Run another algorithm” button can be found in two places:

  • The clustering results listing in the clustering app


  • Within a specific clustering algorithm detailed view, on the upper right hand side in the “selected algorithm” view

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 Click the "Run another algorithm" button to open the clustering app creation dialog.
Step 2 - Select and configure options
In the clustering app creation dialog,
1. Select the options
2. Set the configuration of the selected options to obtain the desirable outputs 

💡 Steps 1 and 2 of the app creation dialog are disabled because you cannot change the dataset and selected columns. To use different datasets or select different criteria columns, create a new clustering app.

NOTE:  You have to use different configurations for options that were previously selected to produce:

  • A result that is “in progress”

  • A result that is “completed”

For failed or deleted results, you can use the same configurations for all options.


Step 3 - Review and run

In this step,

  1. Review the selected options, and their configurations and edit the output name

  2. Review how much data is deducted from the “total size of processed data per month”

  3. Click “Run”


 Step 4 - Check progress and troubleshoot if any issue occurs

On the Result listing of the clustering app,

  1. To see the list of ready outputs, select the “Completed” tab

  2. To see the progress of the on-going clustering tasks, select the “In progress“ tab

  3. To see the list of failed outputs and troubleshoot, select the “Failed” tab