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PI.EXCHANGE AI & Analytics Services

Leverage your data to discover new revenue sources, increase profits from your unique customer segments, automate your company's key processes, develop powerful machine learning applications and request to create anything else data-driven you can dream of. There is a reason why data has created a new economy, work with us to learn how it can benefit your business!

Your Competitive Advantage


  • Discover ways to optimise or increase revenues already hiding in your organisation's data.
  • Identify inefficiencies preventing you from achieving your goals or finding that perfect customer.
  • Ensure all your pipelines, whether operational, sales or churn-related are working in synergy to drive results.
  • Segment customers, stakeholders and key people of interest with automation.
  • Predict the future HR, economic and consumer trends relevant to your firm.
  • Give your customers what they want before they even ask!

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Our Specialisation


Data Wrangling

Identifying and rectifying inconsistencies in data, preparing data for further analysis.


Data Enrichment

     Integrating and ingesting multiple data sources.


    Predictive Modelling /    Machine Learning

Forecast future needs and patterns highly customised to your objectives.


Text Mining

                     Language processing, sentiment analysis,                     document classification and clustering.


Data Storytelling and Visualisation

Interactive visualisation of insights and Dashboarding.

For Businesses of all Sizes and Verticals

Customised solutions for:

  • Finance and Insurance firms or departments.
  • Retail, eCommerce and sales companies and departments.
  • Media, advertising and customer acquisition/retention solutions.
  • Law enforcement, defence and cyber security requirements.
  • Telecom, internet service providers and platform providers.
  • Executive decision makers, investors and funds for predictive investments.

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Data Strategy Creation

We assign data scientists with expertise in your industry or vertical to act as your Virtual Chief Data Officer. Leveraging a deep understanding of analytics and your business, they will help you craft, plan and even implement an end to end data strategy. Find out how emerging tech can smarten your business.

Our end to end service includes the identification of opportunities, the creation of easy to reuse technologies, software and models. We also provide the training that your team needs in order to continue along the defined path. Supercharge the value of your organisation's data!


Research and Development

We build a data modelling process to construct an automated analytics engine to generate and find game-changing insights and opportunities for your business. Our easy to reuse models will be created to understand customer and staff behaviour and trends, predict future market and business outcomes while identifying patterns that suggest new opportunities for growth, revenues or efficiency.

Data and Tech, Better Together

We will build or integrate our proprietary cloud architecture to store your data and automate your processing. Our wide range of data science, architectural and engineering expertise can provide some of the most customised and cost-effective experiences in the world of big data and data science.