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While you sleep, create, manage and grow, the MARTECH Engine will keep analysing your Facebook Ads data and give you customised suggestions that are incredibly easy to follow.


Spend the perfect amount on each segment.

Find the strongest creative-target market combination.

Pay the lowest amount possible to hit your KPIs.

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Data-driven Recommendations

Receive simple recommendations to significantly improve your advertising results.

Funnels & User Journey

Flexible and interactive! Find where you can improve your results for each breakdown.


Explore this dynamic tool to analyse your ads data with visualisations.

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Built for Marketers and Advertisers

The MARTECH Engine is built and tested by proven marketers with recognition worthy campaigns under their belt. PI.EXCHANGE's marketing know-how combines with its data science and automation capacity so that you can replicate the data-driven best practices across your Facebook Ads campaigns.

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The White-Label Differentiator

For advertising agencies, service providers and large enterprises we offer this technology as a 100% white-label product. Let your creatives create while your secret ROI boosting machine handles the data crunching!

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