Data Predictions in Minutes?

That's why we created the AI & Analytics Engine

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Empowering everyone to simplify making better decisions, faster

  • cost_icon Lower start up & ongoing costs

    Fast, simple and cost-effective for a sustainable ROI and speedy time-to-market

  • ux_icon Intuitive, delightful user experience

    A single easy-to-use and easy-to-implement pipeline to build and operationalize your AI

  • reliance_icon Decreased reliance on specialists

    Give bandwidth back to data science teams, and empower novice users to develop data science projects

  • velocity_icon Increased velocity of insights

    Replace old data wrangling and model selection methods to with AI-powered recommendations to deliver results in days, not months

  • deployment_icon Click or code

    Create production-ready data, deploy models and manage models within the UI or with API-based integrations

  • integrate_icon Flexible deployment options

    Use our enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, or deploy flexibly with a tailored hybrid or on-premises deployment solution

Focus your energy and resources where it counts.
With the AI-powered Engine, you and your team can concentrate on what really matters.

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We leverage our AI capability to help you smartly develop your AI capability.

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  • Smart Data Preparation

    We smartly recommend actions to perform on your dataset to amplify hidden signals within your raw data.

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  • Model Recommender & Performance Prediction

    Save time and resources, get recommended the machine-learning algorithm best suited to your data with an automatic view of the models' performance prior to training.

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  • Model life-cycle Management

    The one-click deployment automatically turns on monitoring of your model.

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Integrate seamlessly. Deploy rapidly.

  • cloud_iconCLOUD
  • on_premise_iconON-PREMISE
  • hybrid_iconHYBRID

Whether you need the flexibility and agility of a cloud solution, robust on-premise security, and controls or a hybrid solution that integrates with your existing ecosystem of technologies. We support all major cloud providers and can deploy flexibly to your needs.

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Use Case

See how AI is solving today’s challenges and uncovering real opportunities. And, understand how this can be applied, and operationalized for continuous improvement.

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Industry Solutions

Learn how industry has developed its AI capability to build competitive advantage, driving real results and solving their most pressing business problems.

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Stay informed on PI.EXCHANGE news, AI, and machine learning developments and updates of The AI & Analytics Engine’s features.

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