FAQ HUAWEI CLOUD Spark Hackathon Singapore 2022

We have pulled together some helpful answers to common questions.

How do I create a free trial account for the HUAWEI CLOUD Spark  Hackathon? 

  1. Head to https://hc.aiaengine.net/auth/register
  2. Using your email and a strong password create your free trial account 

How long does my free trial account last? 

The free trial account lasts from 180 days from commencement, at which point the free trial will expire. We have a 90-day holding period before data is deleted from expired accounts.  

How can I import data into the AI & Analytics Engine? 

You can connect to your GaussDB instance, read instructions here

You can import data as a CSV, read instructions here.  

What Machine Learning problem can the Engine Help me with?

The following Supervised Learning techniques:

  • Classification: "Which flower species does this belong to?"
  • Regression: "Predict the house prices for this region"

Where can I watch a demo?  

You can watch a pre-recorded online demonstration online here.

Will you be having a live webinar demo?  

Yes, partnering with HUAHuawei in January 2022. Details of the date and time will be posted on the HUAWEI CLOUD Spark Hackathon Singapore 2022 website. Stay tuned!. 

Where can I reach out for assistance? 

You can contact the team via email for questions about the Engine. They will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Please remember to include the following so we can help you as quickly as possible! 

  1. The URL when you are signed into the Engine 
  2. Screenshots of the issue or area in question
  3. A detailed explanation