Release 1.5.1, November 2021

Detailed release notes for the Engine

Hot on the heels of our previous release (1.5.0) last month, we now have another minor update for the Engine - release 1.5.1! In this update, we've added the Batch Prediction feature, which allows users the capability to upload data to their deployed model and receive predictions in return.

Batch Prediction

This feature can be found in the “Prediction” tab inside the deployment’s detailed page. Users can now upload data and receive predictions in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the PREDICTION tab.
  2. Upload your input data for prediction.

    1. Needs to have the same columns as the feature set used to train this deployed model

    2. Supported file formats: CSV, Json Lines, Parquet

    3. Select whether you want to keep the inputs together with the predictions in the generated file.

  3. Click GENERATE.


  4. Predictions will start generating, and once complete, you can download the prediction file.