Release 2023-August

2023-August release notes for the Engine. This includes a Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft and Google accounts, improvements to the customer churn prediction template and UI of the Engine.

In this release of August 2023, we are pleased to introduce the Single Sign On (SSO) functionality - a new quick and secure way for users to effortlessly sign up, or sign in to the AI & Analytics Engine with their existing Microsoft or Google accounts. This eliminates the need to repeatedly input credentials for each sign-in attempt. Furthermore, this release brings enhancements to the Engine’s Customer Churn Prediction Template, focusing on refining data validation and preemptively addressing potential issues that could lead to processing disruptions. These improvements contribute to a higher success rate in the creation of applications, ensuring a smoother experience overall.

SSO with Microsoft and Google

With this latest release, users can now sign in or sign up easily:

  1. Sign in form:

SSO Sign In

2.    Sign up form:

SSO Sign Up

Enhanced Data Validation for Customer Churn Prediction Template

We understand the significance of accurate data, and to assist you in achieving this, we've refined our data validation processes for the customer churn prediction template to help remove common errors. Below are two examples of such notifications for the transactional churn option:

  1. The Engine requires the total of lead time and prediction window to be at most 180 days. A message notifying users to select valid input values has been added.

Prediction window

2.   The historical data needed to build the app requires choosing a period spanning at least [120 + 2*(lead time + prediction windows)] days of data, and importing all transactions in this period from all, or a large enough sample of customers who conducted transactions during this period. To ensure that users informed about this, we have added a reminder message, in cases where they have uploaded insufficient data.

Reminder message to upload sufficient data

UI Enhancements

We've worked to refine the user interface (UI) for a more intuitive experience across the Engine, particularly within Account Management and the data-preparation pipeline. These changes are outlined below:

  1. To simplify account management, the Account page and Account Security page have been seamlessly integrated into the new Manage My Account tab.

Manage my account tab

Account settings

2.   Direct links to the dataset detail page have been removed from under the dataset name, minimizing mis-clicks. Additionally, we've introduced a Preview functionality directly on the recipe node within the data-preparation pipeline. This ensures convenient access to the dataset detail page via the Preview button.

Dataset detail page

3.  Feature-importance scores are now automatically sorted in descending order, allowing users to effortlessly prioritize the most critical features.

Feature-importance scores