What are the invoice types and their statuses?

The billing and invoicing are handled by Stripe.  Invoices have different statuses.

There are two different types of invoices as seen in the description column

  1. Monthly payment: This is your payment as per your monthly billing cycle
  2. Refund: This is a refunded amount, occurring when a credit is applied for the remaining days on the billing cycle of an old plan when switching to a new plan. 

Each invoice type has different statuses

Monthly Payment 


The invoice is awaiting payment. Either payment hasn't been made, or the payment method failed.


The invoice has been paid. 


The invoice was a mistake and will be canceled. 



Processing refund transaction. It could take up to 1 business day


Refund has been successfully processed

If you need further assistance with understanding your invoices please get in touch with the team via our support form