What is a recipe?

Within the AI & Analytics Engine, a recipe is a sequence of data transformation actions

A recipe is an ordered chain of data transformations. Each transformation is called an action.

Note: For more information, see "What are actions?"

With a recipe, users can prepare their dataset in a systematic and repeatable way. Each recipe is reproducible, meaning that it can be applied to different datasets with the same schema.

Queued Actions 

When an action is added to a recipe, it becomes a queued action. Queued actions are applied on the sample dataset to give users a preview of the transformation.

Committed Actions

When queued action(s) is committed, it becomes a committed action(s). The action(s) is applied on the entire dataset. Committed actions cannot be edited or deleted. Users can commit more than 1 queued actions at a time.


Note: To understand what actions are available in our Engine read this product documentation article: Actions Catalogue.