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The AI & Analytics Engine helps you quickly, easily, and affordably build machine learning models, and turn data into predictions. Purpose built for anyone that uses data, the Engine empowers you to make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the curve.

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Prepare data. Build and interpret models. Make predictions.

  • Fast time-to-value, the Engine is easy to understand, learn and implement
  • The Engine provides advanced solutions with minimal risk
  • The Engine is made for everyone, no coding or data science expertise required 
Analyze and prepare data AIAE
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Analyze and prepare your data

Easily connect your data to the Engine, by uploading a file or connecting directly to your database

Perform exploratory data analysis by using the Engine's in-built data visualization features

Save time preparing data with data-wrangling actions and repeatable recipes
Icon flow Model Building

Build machine learning models

  Develop optimal models with recommendations for problem type, feature set and algorithm

 Set estimated performance quality and training time thresholds for recommended algorithms

 Get performance quality and training time estimates before training models

Icon flow Data analysis

Understand model behavior

 Compare multiple trained models to deploy the optimal one

 Understand model performance with evaluation metrics

 Uncover data insights with confusion matrices, and the prediction explanation feature

 Interpret model results using the feature importance, and what-if analysis features

Icon flow Integrations

Generate and export predictions

 Test models and experiment quickly by generating one-off predictions.

 Automatically generate updated predictions by scheduling periodic predictions.

 Take action fast by exporting results with the Engine's built-in integrations.


Seamlessly Integrate

Get data from where you need it, and consume predictions how you want to. Explore our ecosystem of in-built integrations. 


Watch a walkthrough

Watch the AI & Analytics Engine live in use, in our walkthrough of creating a complete machine learning pipeline.


The AI & Analytics Engine uses NVIDIA RAPIDS™ to supercharge
your data science workflows with GPUs.

The inclusion of the NVIDIA RAPIDS™ library gives you the freedom to execute model training and inference with GPUs.


Streamlined machine learning for data-driven professionals.


Machine learning Problem Types  

The Engine supports a variety of machine learning problem types, putting the power of analytics and predictions in your hands. Not sure where your problem sits? Get in touch and we can help.



Predict which category an observation belongs to


"Classify these emails as either spam or not spam."

For an observation, predict the continuous variable


"What is the probability this customer will churn?"


Group similar kinds of items in form of clusters 


"Cluster these customers together based on spending patterns."


Forecast values of continuous variable(s) into the future


"Forecast stock prices for the next 30 days based on historical data."


Got a question? 
Great, we have answers!

How long can I use the free trial?

The free trial lasts for 2 weeks after sign up. You will have access to all “business” features and usage limits during these 2 weeks, to understand what these are, please view the pricing page.

Are there any tips to get me started with the AI & Analytics Engine?

We have created a repository of useful tutorials and documentation called the Knowledge Hub. If you have a specific question you can send through a request form and our helpful team will get back to you with some guidance.

I have a use case in mind - but I'm not sure if the AI & Analytics Engine is the right solution?

We can assist in validating the solution given your needs and objectives. Get in touch via the contact us form and detail out your use case and objectives and we will be in touch to provide guidance.

I don’t have a use case in mind but want to understand if the Engine can help?

There are many use cases that the Engine can be applied to, take a look at our repository of use cases to understand some of the applications of AI across industries.

PI.EXCHANGE also offers AI Services in addition to the Engine. Here we can assist with the discovery, design, implementation, and optimization of AI projects. Our approach is to provide specialized guidance and resourcing, get in touch via the  contact us form if you would like to hear more about our Advanced AI Services offer.

One tool, all users, endless machine learning solutions. 

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