What data sources are supported by the Engine?

This article summarizes the different data sources the AI & Analytic Engine supports.

When importing data to the Engine, users have the option to import from any of the following sources:

Data Source Description
File Upload
  • Supported file extensions:

    • CSV (comma-separated values) / TSV (tab-separated values)/ PSV (Pipe Separated Values). We support a number of configurations to be flexible. Follow Step 3: Configure section in this article to see supported configurations and how to change configurations if required.

    • JSON-lines

    • Parquet

    • Excel

HTTP Import file from a URL
MySQL Import data from a MySQL database
PostgreSQL Import data from a PostgreSQL database
SQL server Import data from a Microsoft SQL server database
MongoDB Import data from a MongoDB database

Note: For a how-to guide on importing dataset, please follow this article.