What is a subscription plan?

A subscription plan is a monthly subscription to the use of the Platform. We offer 3 subscription plans suited for individuals through to growing teams and businesses.

The 3 subscription plans offered are:

1) Individual

$129 USD P/M 

The individual plan comes with the essential features, providing a single user with an AI platform to easily build and manage AI applications. As an individual user, you can wield the power of an AI team through a single connected end-to-end pipeline of features.

2) Teams:

$499 USD P/M 

Growing your team and need to up that ante? The Team plan packs the punch of all the Individual plan features with more usage and role-based access control for 4 users. The collaborative workflow with multiple team members will supercharge any data team.

3) Business

$1999 USD P/M 

Built for businesses, use this plan to scale your AI capability to different areas. The business plan includes all the capabilities of individual and team plans with up to 10 users, larger usage quotas and access to more advanced features, and a dedicated customer success manager.

Trial Plan

A 2-week free trial

Your free trial for the Engine is available for two weeks from registration. During those two weeks, users have access to the usage and features of a business plan. No credit card is required to register for your free trial. During/After the trial, if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you will be prompted to enter your preferred payment method.

Enterprise Plan 

Quote based

PI.EXCHANGE also offers a quote-based offer. This option is greater for businesses ready for scale or that require an on-premise or highly customized solution.

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Refer to our pricing page for more information on the features and usage quotas for each subscription plan.