What is a user account?

A user account is an account associated with an individual user.

The user account is tied to an email address and password to sign in to the AI & Analytics Engine. Users can also log in with their Google or Microsoft account, without having to create a new one.

What can you access with a user account?

A user account can access an organization via different organization-level roles, which will determine their access to certain platform functionality and information. 

User account creation

A user account can be created in three ways: 

  1. Sign up with Single Sign On - either with your Google or Microsoft account
  2. Sign up using an email and password
  3. An organization owner can create a new user account to add that user to the organization they own and assign that user a role. The user will then be able to log in either by using their email and password, or using the Single Sign On option.

A user account is a separate concept from a subscription plan. A subscription plan represents an organization (with payments associated). Whereas a user account allows the user access to an organization (within the context of their assigned role).