What is FlexiBuild Studio?

This article explains the concept of build from scratch in the AI & Analytics Engine.

The AI & Analytics Engine is used to solve business problems in various ways. One of them is by using apps. 

If you want to learn more about apps, see this article

There are 2 ways to create an app on the platform:

This article will describe the FlexiBuild Studio option.

What is FlexiBuild Studio?

FlexiBuild Studio is the “manual” method (compared to using a machine learning solution template) for creating either a regression, classification or a clustering app. 

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Unlike templates, it is not related to any specific business problem. Therefore, this option is able to support a larger variety of problems.

FlexiBuild Studio also gives you more flexibility over various elements in the process of creating a prediction pipeline. For example, allowing control over data preparation recipes or enabling manual selection of models for training, etc.