Intern, Associate and Product Data Scientists (Melbourne, AU and Singapore)


PI.EXCHANGE is a growth-stage startup focused on the mission of democratising data science and providing AI & Analytics for centralised and edge AI (AI for IoT/Robotics). Our vision is to create a platform where people, even without formal training in data science like IT managers, software engineers or business analysts can easily create, and enjoy the power of AI on centralised or edge deployments. We aim to bring to our customers a simple, fast and affordable way to build smart applications and smarten their businesses. We want to put the power of AI into their palm and make AI accessible to everyone, every businesses, big or small.

At PI.EXCHANGE, we are constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. And we are doing it on the daily basis. We may be a small team but we have a huge ambition! Currently we are expanding and looking for awesome people from data scientists and software engineers to marketers and sales to join our team. If you are keen and want to make a dent, we love to talk to you!



As an Inter/Associate/Product Data Scientist, you will join PI.EXCHANGE’s core Data Science team. This is where we innovate and develop all the core stuffs (and where you can have all the fun). Your role will be:

  • Self-manage and contribute to R&D and productization activities including both internal projects and joint development projects;
  • Contribute to our rapidly evolving PI.EXCHANGE AI and Analytics Engine by bringing additional capabilities that anticipate demand from the wider market for Data/ML solutions;
  • Architect and develop automated scalable data engineering and machine learning services;
  • Take leadership in kick-starting, productizing, and continuously improving the platform’s existing, proposed, and future capabilities;
  • Collaborate closely with product management, sales and marketing teams. Manage requirements and scope while delighting our customers on results;
  • Contribute to product roadmap development, and execute it by producing deliverables in a timely manner;
  • Improve R&D processes with the goal of contributing to the organisation’s lifelong learning and innovative culture;
  • Motivate junior/intern staff and provide technical leadership, direction and guidance; and
  • Contribute to the evangelization of our products and our culture internally and externally.



  • A self-starter with a strong passion for excellence. You have the inclination to go above and beyond the expected norm in everything you do;
  • Very strong product development mindset & problem solving skills with a diligent “can-do” attitude and an innovative mindset;
  • Self-motivation and can work independently or as a team player;
  • An entrepreneurial spirit with a desire to be a part in a global, rapidly scaling disruptive organisation;
  • Savvy, professional, ethical, and well developed interpersonal and team skills. Strong stakeholder/customer facing experience is a big plus;
  • Ability to articulate business questions in the language of a data scientist and translate results into business recommendations;
  • Deep knowledge of the mathematical foundations of Statistics and Machine Learning. Skills in optimal algorithms, data structures, and computational complexity will be a bonus;
  • Top-notch data-wrangling and visualisation skills;
  • Expert understanding of at least three of the following speciality areas, with proven R&D experience in at least one:
    • Standard and advanced feature-engineeering methods;
    • Unsupervised learning methods;
    • Analysis, forecasting, clustering and classification of time-series data;
    • NLP/NLU (semantic analysis, intent detection, NER, topic modelling, etc.);
    • Computer vision with focus on deep learning for image classification and object detection;
    • PU Learning and active learning;
    • Massively parallel processing;
    • Computational science (Linguistics, engineering, biology, etc.); or
    • Econometrics/quantitative finance;
  • Additional experience that will catch our attention:
    • Automated or semi-automated data wrangling; 
    • Multivariate time-series data;
    • Stream algorithms and out-of-core learning;
    • Ability to implement novel models and tools -- not just the use of existing libraries;
    • Proven experience in developing production-grade code with expert-level knowledge in at least one language: Python, R, Julia, C++, Scala, or Go;
    • Previous experience with software engineering methodologies, big data (NoSQL, Spark, HDFS), Blockchain and AWS/Google/Azure data technology stack is a plus;
  • Previous experience (preferably 3+ years) with executing data science projects in two or more application areas/verticals, either in academia or industry;
  • Solid experience in functional and object-oriented programming. Familiarity with software engineering practices, testing, and integration, not just prototyping;
  • Ability to profile, troubleshoot, and speed up software implementations of all things related to data and statistics; and
  • PhD/Postdoc in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or physics preferred.



  • A competitive compensation package including opportunities for commission, bonus and stock options (conditions applied);
  • Opportunities to enjoy meaningful and disruptive works on game changing products;
  • A flexible, supportive and inclusive culture built around innovation and performance excellence;
  • Stunning and passionate colleagues and friends. You can find some interesting and like-minded folks here; and
  • A strong commitment to your personal and professional growth. Whoever you are when joining us, you will exit a better person than you are today. And that is a promise!


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