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Leader in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, PI.EXCHANGE is looking for Data Scientists to join our teams in Singapore, Melbourne (Australia) & HCMC (VN).

PI.EXCHANGE is a well-funded startup focused on the mission of democratising data science and providing AI & analytical services. Our vision is to create a platform where people, even without formal training in data science like IT managers, software engineers or business analysts can easily create, deploy and maintain their AI/ML applications on centralised or edge deployments. We aim to bring to our customers a quick and cost-efficient way to build smart applications and to supercharge their businesses with the power of Data Science, AI, and Analytics. 

At PI.EXCHANGE, we are constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. We are doing it on a daily basis. We may be a small team but we have a huge ambition! Currently we are expanding and looking for awesome people to join us, from data scientists and software engineers to marketers and sales experts to join our team. If you are keen, we love to talk to you!


You will be joining as a member of PI.EXCHANGE’s core Data Science team in the development of our flagship product: the PI.EXCHANGE AI & Analytics Engine, an AIaaS self-service smart automated Data Science platform providing a unified GPU-accelerated pipeline for data preparation, ML/DL model development and life-cycle management. 

You will:

  • Primarily be a self-managing individual contributor. Research and develop new cutting-edge AI algorithms using techniques such as supervised/unsupervised ML, statistical/Bayesian inference etc. to power the AI & Analytics Engine with better, smarter, and more diverse recommendations for the end users;
  • Bring your novel ideas to a production-ready state by implementing them as modules, while adhering to industry standards in coding: quality, maintainability, and in conformance with the overall architecture are of paramount importance;
  • Participate in product-steering sessions in your technical capacity to:
    • Pitch new ideas to improve the product;
    • Respond to user feedback and business requirements by providing the necessary technical directions from a Data Scientist’s perspective, to put items on the product roadmap;
  • Participate in the delivery of our product to customers and other customer facing activities;
  • Participate in technical content writing. This may be in the form of product documentation, blog articles highlighting new features and use cases, as and when the need arises;
  • Understand and advocate our long-term vision while working with the management and product teams to define and adapt the same; and
  • Contribute to the evangelisation of our product and our culture internally and externally.


  • A self-starter with a strong passion for excellence. You always want to go above and beyond in everything you do;
  • An entrepreneurial “can-do” attitude and an innovative mindset;
  • Savvy and professional, ethical, and well developed interpersonal skills. Fluency in English is a must;
  • Preferably holding a Masters by Research, PhD or Postdoc in computer science (includes AI and Data Science), mathematics, physics, or engineering;
  • Sound in the mathematical foundations of ML/AI coupled with practical skills in these fields;
  • Good hands-on skills in statistical modeling and data analysis (pandas, Dask, Spark, etc.);
  • Experience with multiple ML/DL frameworks (scikit-learn, Dask, Spark Mllib/ML, XGBoost, LightGBM, TensorFlow, Torch, etc.). We expect you to know when and how best to employ them and understand various trade-offs.;
  • Understanding of performance issues such as scalability, complexity, and memory footprint of various algorithms;
  • Sound problem solving skills and algorithmic approach;
  • Expert understanding in at least one specialisation area within ML/AI:
    • Modern NLP/NLU using DL frameworks;
    • Scaling supervised and unsupervised ML algorithms to large data;
    • Bayesian Optimisation (for hyperparameter search and model selection);
    • PU Learning;
    • Active Learning;
    • Time-series analysis including classification, forecasting, and survival analysis;
    • GPU acceleration for ML/DL;
    • Explainable AI;
    • Applications of graphical models in AI such as Bayesian networks, Markov random fields, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to write code that can run in production, in at least one of the following languages: Python, R, Scala, Julia, Java, C++, or Go.


  • A competitive compensation package including opportunities for employee options awards (conditions applied);
  • Opportunities to enjoy meaningful and disruptive works on game-changing products;
  • A flexible, supportive and productive working environment;
  • Passionate colleagues and friends. You can find some interesting and like-minded folks here; and
  • A strong commitment to your personal and professional growth. You will be a better guru than you are today. And that is a promise!

If you like what you read, please reach out to us at!

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