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    AI in marketing

    AI Use Cases in Marketing

    Marketers are making full use of AI tools available in all kinds of ways. In this blog, we’ll go over the most powerful AI use cases in marketing.

    Customer win-back strategy

    Developing a Strategy to Win Back Lost Customers

    A customer win-back strategy focuses on rectifying mistakes and generating goodwill, in order to regain lost customers, so they return to being...

    Customer churn

    A Guide to Customer Churn Analysis in 2023

    Customer churn analysis is the process of finding trends in customer data in order to uncover who, when and why customers are leaving.

    Churn prediction

    How to Predict and Reduce Customer Churn

    Customer churn is the most important metric to get right in business growth. We’ll explore how to reduce churn, by predicting the customers at risk.

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