2023-July Release

2023-July Release: New integrated ML flow with improved interface!

2023-July Release: New integrated ML flow with improved interface!

In this major release of July 2023, PI.EXCHANGE introduces users to an integrated ML flow to solve supervised ML problems. It provides seamless integration from data import, and preparation to model training and prediction generation. This would allow users to save a significant amount of time and effort in building their end-to-end ML pipeline. 

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Understanding that the ML pipeline is comprised of simultaneous processes, we introduced an integrated ML flow via our new and improved interface. Using this interface, users can now easily build and use their ML pipeline with the following benefits:

  1. Import and prepare data then use it to train models in a single flow with significantly reduced processing wait time

  2. Automatically apply the same data preparation steps in model training to prediction generation to save time and effort

  3. Set up periodic prediction generation to automatically have prediction outputs available in your own database



We still have other updates, read the full 2023-July release note on our Knowledge Hub.

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