release 1.12.2

Release 1.12.2: Improved Data Analysis and Our First Generative-AI Powered Features

January 2024 marked the release of 1.12.2: Our First Generative-AI Powered Features, and improved data analysis with a user-friendly interface.

Hello data enthusiasts! We're really excited to share the scoop on our first release for 2024, and it's packed with game-changing updates to the AI & Analytics Engine! Brace yourselves for improved data analysis and groundbreaking Generative-AI features to supercharge your analytics journey.

1. Supercharged Data Analysis Made Simple

In our ongoing effort to focus on user-centric enhancements, we're thrilled to introduce a revamped Data Analysis page.

The new look for the Data Analysis page means more straightforward navigation. Check out the "Single column" view – it's now bigger and better. Find out what you need faster with our handy search bar. In addition, we've also revamped the way we present statistical summaries, making them crystal clear.



2. Our first Generative-AI powered features

Meet our AI-powered features! We're dipping our toes into Generative-AI waters to speed up your analytics projects. Whether you're solving regression or classification problem type, let the Engine suggest which columns to use or exclude. It's like having a helpful assistant in your data-driven journey!

Smarter Feature Picks

No more guesswork! Generative AI now lends a hand in suggesting feature types for your apps. Get more accurate recommendations, minus the headache.

image-20240108-055514 (1)



And there you have it! With the release of AI & Analytics Engine 1.12.2, we're not just improving – we're transforming your user journey. Enjoy smoother data analysis, slick visuals, and let our first Generative-AI features guide you effortlessly. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future! 

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