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New Features, the AI & Analytics Engine | Dataset Download & Continuous Learning

The latest features are now available to use. These include the dataset download feature and the continuous learning feature.

The PI.EXCHANGE team are excited to provide to our users two new powerful capabilities added to The AI & Analytics Engine, dataset download and continuous learning.  

Dataset Download 

The Engine now provides users with the capability to download their datasets in a different file formats including; CSV, Json Lines, or Parquet. With this feature, users can leverage The Engine to transform RAW datasets into their desired format, then download it for continued use in an external environment.

Users can trigger dataset download from:

  • Dataset Table page: Automatically downloads the latest version of the dataset
  • Dataset Detail page: Users can specify which version of the dataset to download


Check out our Knowledge Hub for more information on dataset download.

Continuous learning 

Continuous learning provides users the capability to update the trained prediction model to take into account the additional available data. This is particularly useful for situations where additional data only becomes available with the passage of time, and updating already trained models with the additional data will help it make better predictions.

The concept of Continuous Learning touches the following sections within the AI & Analytics Engine:

Dataset versioning: 

Updating the existing dataset with additional available data


Continuous learning setting for Trained Models

When enabled, the PROCESSED dataset will automatically be updated when the associated RAW dataset is updated by the user. And, trained model will automatically update through partial fitting or refitting to the latest updated version of the trained dataset, once available.


Auto-deploy setting for Deployments

When enabled, newer instances of the same trained model will be automatically deployed to replace the existing deployment, and assigned to the same endpoint. This enables an easy update of deployments with the updated trained model while ensuring that the endpoint remains intact with minimal downtime.


Check out our Knowledge Hub for more information on continuous learning.

If you would like to try these feature out for yourself you can sign up for a free trial of The AI & Analytics Engine today!  

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