PI.EXCHANGE secures PoC from The M1 & Startup-O Immersion Program

PI.EXCHANGE was thrilled to participate in the M1 & Startup-O Immersion Program to provide a technology-led solution for M1’s marketing team addressing APRU accretion and churn reduction

PI.EXCHANGE was thrilled to participate in the M1 & Startup-O Immersion Program, a 6-week undertaking with 5 of the most promising technology start-ups in Singapore. 

PI.EXCHANGE and 5 of the most promising tech start-ups in Singapore participated in Startup-O and M1's 6 week immersion program. The program initiative was to provide a technology-led solution for M1’s marketing team. The program culminated in an exciting demo day, where all start-ups pitched their product solution to a large audience, including the M1 and Startup-O leadership team. The goal, to secure a PoC and develop the identified solution into a realized solution with tangible benefit for M1.

PI.EXCHANGE was successful in creating the crowd-favourite presentation of the night, and securing a PoC partnership, aimed at ARPU accretion and churn reduction. The demonstrated solution powered by PI.EXCHANGE’s AI & Analytics Engine, provided an interactive, real-time view of insights via a dashboard.

The solution enabled a clear understanding of ARPU opportunity and Churn Risk segments, their size and revenue potential, and a view of the optimal offer to capitalize on the identified segments

The user was able to interact and change the offers via the dashboard and view the real-time effect on churn, ARPU, and revenue predictions.

The solution would increase the effectiveness of M1’s proactive retention and engagement initiatives by assisting the swift identification of opportunity and empower M1 users with insights to make data-driven decisions in real-time, improving the relevance and timeliness of offers.

PI.EXCHANGE is looking forward to progressing the PoC over the coming weeks, in partnership with M1 and Startup-O. PI.EXCHANGE wishes to thank all involved, including the team from Startup-O, M1, and all fellow start-ups teams.

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