PI.EXCHANGE’s AI & Analytics Engine is utilized by THT Development and Bespin Global Vietnam to develop Smart City Hub AI

Bespin Global Vietnam and THT Development team up to develop a Smart City Hub AI using PI.EXCHANGE's AI & Analytics Engine

Bespin Global, a cloud delivery platform company, has announced that its Vietnamese subsidiary ‘Bespin Global Vietnam’ has signed an MOU with Daewoo E&C’s Vietnamese subsidiary ‘THT Development’ and a deep-tech company 'PI.EXCHANGE', based in Vietnam and Australia, for the development of AI capability for the 'THT-BESPIN Smart City Hub' in Starlake City, Hanoi, Vietnam.

On November 29 2022, PI.EXCHANGE marked a milestone in its strategic partnership with Bespin Global Vietnam and THT Development with the signing of an MOU. This partnership supports the creation of the Smart City Hub, an operation and management platform with AI capabilities, through the AI & Analytics Engine (the Engine).

The Engine will facilitate the development of new, creative AI applications for the Smart City projects. The collaboration between the Engine and Smart City Hub also opens up the potential to create projects that minimize unnecessary use of resources, enhance efficiency, and improve the overall experience of Smart City for operators, entrepreneurs, and residents in multifunctional regions.

Speaking at the event, CEO and Founder of PI.EXCHANGE, Quan Pham, shared, “A robust AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) capability is a critical puzzle piece for Smart Cities everywhere. The Engine enables this strategic capability by making AI/ML development and management efficient, simple, and scalable. The success of the collaboration with Bespin Global Vietnam and THT Development will lay the foundation for a global expansion of the AI-powered Smart City projects globally and all the benefits that will bring.”

Mr. Kim Tae Ho - Country Director of Bespin Global Vietnam, mentioned “We believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technology is at the heart of smart city’s operation and management systems. With the strategic partnership among THT, Bespin Global, and PI.EXCHANGE, Smart City Hub shall be AI/ML-enabled to be further competitive in smart city operation and providing the best services and living experience to our residents and city administrators with cost saving and operational efficiency through data analysis and insights.”

As AI advances & constantly evolve, it is becoming increasingly integrated into the future of global smart cities. The Smart City Hub will use the insights it generates to create scalable and extensible AI pilot applications that can be used in future smart city developments, with the aim of creating a society that is more sustainable, efficient and smarter.

RNI-Films-IMG-70D0DB82-7DFF-4AB5-B6E7-6C7F13BA9056Signing of MOU between PI.EXCHANGE (CEO & Founder of PI.EXCHANGE in the middle), Bespin Global Vietnam, and THT Development.

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