PI.EXCHANGE Team update

Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022!

PI.EXCHANGE has seen many accomplishments this past year, and we've got our eyes on more exciting developments and growth for 2022!

We’re wrapping up 2021 in the best way possible, with PI.EXCHANGE continuing to kick goals. We are expecting more growth in the APAC and ASEAN regions as we head into 2022. To facilitate this growth, we’ve also welcomed new investors alongside our existing ones, and successfully closed a pre-Series A funding round of USD $2M!

So… what were some of our accomplishments this year?

One of our aims, this year, was to shift towards being product-obsessed while keeping the customer experience top of mind. My personal favorite update to the Engine would have to be the new batch prediction feature. We took a moment and listened to our users and to the community and noticed that there was a need for this. Keeping ourselves aligned with improving the customer experience and product capabilities, we turned that need into a fantastic feature update.

Other successes include:

  • AI & Analytics Engine UI/UX revamp - The improvement to the UI/UX meant that our users can enjoy a more intuitive journey when using the Engine

  • Partnership with NVIDIA to integrate the NVIDIA DGX into the Engine for a benchmarking study

  • Active engagements with partners and customers across Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan

  • Upcoming Hackathon organized by Huawei Cloud, where the AI & Analytics Engine is the platform of choice to be used by participants

  • Welcomed 9 new teammates to the PI.EXCHANGE family!

  • By request from the team, started a monthly fireside chat to get everyone chatting and learning about their teammates and the company goals - bringing us all closer together

Have we met our goals?

Absolutely! The team has worked hard and managed to put out a record number of major releases this year, bringing great improvements to the AI & Analytics Engine. But we’re not stopping there, we’ve got more in store. We have exciting new features and developments planned for 2022. Watch this space for updates!

christmas party 2021

Wrap up

2021 has been an eventful one. Yes, we’re still working remotely, and yes, we miss each other’s company. But we’re ending the year with the slightest glimmer of hope to be back in the office at least part-time next year (yay!). With all the things we’ve got planned for the upcoming year, it seems we’re well and truly on our way to making AI accessible to everyone.

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