Release 1.5.1

Release 1.5.1: Batch Prediction

With this new 1.5.1 Engine release, we've added the new batch prediction feature to the Engine.

Hot on the heels of our previous release (1.5.0), the team has released another update for the Engine - Release 1.5.1!

For this update, we've added the Batch Prediction feature to the Engine. This feature allows users the ability to upload data to their deployed model and get predictions. 


Batch Prediction

Users can now use batch prediction to upload data and receive predictions in just simple steps:

  1. Click on the PREDICTION tab.
  2. Upload your input data for prediction.
  3. Click GENERATE.
  4. Once the predictions have been generated, you can download the prediction file.


    batch prediction on the AI & Analytics Engine

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That's it. It's that simple. You can now complete batch predictions and download them in just a few quick steps.

Still thinking about trialing the Engine? Give it a go today, and explore our batch prediction feature!

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