Release 1.13.0: Introducing the playground project and improved onboarding

March 2024 marks our 1.13.0 release, with improvement to the onboarding flow and the project homepage and the introduction of our new playground project.

We’re excited to share our second release of 2024. The theme for this update is to make new users say “WOW”, with additions and improvements to make onboarding as frictionless as possible.

Improved onboarding

Our first improvement will be noticed straight away, with an update to onboarding, with a clear pathway to set a meeting with the team.

Secondly our Head of Growth & Marketing, Sian, has created a quick start video welcoming you and explaining the key aspects of the Engine that you need to know.

onboarding video


We understand that the endless capabilities of the Engine can be daunting for a new user, so we’ve created onboarding cards to help orient and familiarize you in the Engine straight away.

onboarding cards

Playground project

Our commitment to new users hasn’t ended there. We’ve received feedback from users saying they haven’t been able to fully explore the Engine, if they didn’t have a dataset handy on sign-up.

You shouldn’t need to BYOD (bring your own data) to see everything the Engine has to offer, so we’ve created a playground project that is automatically loaded into your account.

The playground project contains 8 different ML applications (with datasets) that cover a variety of use cases and problem types.

Project homepage app listing

One of these apps is the well-known Titanic Survival Prediction problem, and our Marketing and Growth Coordinator, Cam, has created a walkthrough guide which you can view below.




Improved project home

The project home has been revamped, with some amazing new graphics to highlight our FlexiBuild Studio and Machine Learning Solution Templates, as well as listing your most recent apps.

Finally, we’ve improved our notifications around processing tasks that happen in the background, now displaying the progress and successful tasks.

the playground project homepage


And that's a wrap!

So that wraps up the 1.13.0 release! A release that highlights our commitment to getting new users started on their machine learning journey as seamlessly as possible.

PS. We’re not stopping here. Stay tuned, new Machine Learning Solution Templates being added soon!


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