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Obviously.AI is a no-code AI/ML platform that is democratizing AI, making it easier for anyone to build, train, and deploy machine learning models. The company’s vision is to turn every company into an AI company. Obviously AI refers to itself as a “B2B predictive analytics” company that enables non-technical business analysts to make predictions from historical data. From this, there is an implication that their target user base tends towards enterprises with teams of analysts. However, they have a free subscription tier that is likely aimed towards individual users, such as students as well.

Obviously AI’s target users:

  1. SMEs and SMBs

  2. Citizen Data Analysts

  3. Individuals/Students

The AI & Analytics Engine is a no-code end-to-end machine learning platform, taking users from raw unprepared data to predictions in minutes. The aim of the AI & Analytics Engine is to empower everyone, from individual users to teams and enterprises with the ability to have machine learning at their fingertips. PI.EXCHANGE’s mission is to democratize AI/ML, giving non-technical users the ability to innovate or supercharge their tasks with ML, without having to write a single line of code. No technical expertise is required to use the Engine, making users with no machine learning expertise a big part of the target group.

The AI & Analytics Engine’s target users:

  1. Entrepreneurs/ Solopreneurs

  2. Students and Researchers

  3. Citizen Data Scientists

  4. Data Analysts

Both the AI & Analytics Engine and Obviously.AI share a similar goal, which is to empower non-technical users to implement ML pipelines on a single platform to make predictions. Now let’s look at how they weigh up to each other in the rest of the article.

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Let’s begin by looking at the pricing structure for both platforms.

Obviously.AI offers an always-free version of the platform to users. This is incredibly useful for users who are getting started with ML and are still in the experimenting stage. That being said, the usage limits for this free trial tier are pretty low. The limits for the free trial are: 500 predictions, 3 models, and 1 dataset. With a limit of just 500 predictions, users may not be able to use the platform as they intend and may find the need to upgrade to the next tier pretty quickly. The next possible tier is the Pro plan. This plan entitles you to 12,000 predictions, unlimited models and datasets, and access to other features like time-series models. There is a catch though - users need to get in touch with the team to get pricing and additional details.

The pricing plan for the AI & Analytics Engine is fully transparent and structured for ease of understanding. The reason for the intentional transparency is that we believe the pricing for the platform is competitive, given the state-of-the-art features users have access to. For individuals and teams, there is a fixed monthly plan with increasing usage limitations depending on the team and their needs. Enterprises who require custom data storage capacity or usage quotas will have to reach out to the team for custom-based pricing based on the required configurations.

  • Starter subscription - $39USD/month

    • This plan is perfect for an AutoML or ML beginner who wants to experiment and try their hand at carrying out ML processes. 250 thousand predictions per month.

  • Individual subscription - $129USD/month

    • For individual users who are more confident in their use of AutoML or require higher usage limits. 1 million predictions per month.

  • Team subscription - $499USD/month

    • For teams of up to 4 users. 4 million predictions per month.

  • Business subscription - $1,999USD/month

    • For teams of up to 10 users. 15 million predictions per month.

Compared to Obviously.AI and other similar platforms, the AI & Analytics Engine’s plans boast higher usage capacity per month. To put it in context, the most affordable plan. For instance, the Starter Subscription, lets users make 250 thousand predictions per month!

The AI & Analytics Engine is an affordable no-code machine learning tool that does not compromise on its features or offerings.


If you’re looking for a quick, hassle-free, and no-code way of preparing your data, the AI & Analytics Engine is the tool you’re looking for. Users can upload raw unprepared data to the Engine and use this feature to make their dataset ML-ready. The Engine offers a fast, streamlined, and repeatable data wrangling feature as part of the machine learning pipeline.

What do we mean by AI-guided? Well, the Engine uses AI to guide you through the data preparation process by offering suggestions on how to prepare your dataset. These in-platform guided recommendations mean users do not need to be ML experts to use the Engine’s end-to-end machine learning pipeline.

The inclusion of the Engine’s smart data preparation feature makes the Engine a truly complete end-to-end AutoML platform with which you can prepare your data before training a model on it.

At the time of writing, Obviously.AI does not come with an AI-guided data preparation feature.


One of the AI & Analytics Engine’s features that sets it apart from competitors is the Model Recommender. Just as its name suggests, this feature helps users select the best ML algorithm, given their data and their machine learning problem type. It does so by ranking the algorithms (models) according to their estimated performance in terms of predictive performance, prediction time, and training time.

What is extra special about this, is that this AI-driven feature predicts a model’s performance on the uploaded dataset before it even trains the model. Users can then decide on training the model that is more likely to be optimal for their need while selecting the model they want to train. This saves a significant amount of time and resources, especially when you remove the need to train models by brute force to identify the best-performing one.


In conclusion, Obviously AI and the AI & Analytics Engine are both no-code machine learning platforms that aim to allow anyone, including non-technical users, to build predictive AI models quickly and easily. Both tools are intended to speed up and streamline the machine learning process.

If you’re someone who’s new and just getting started on ML & AutoML platforms, Obviously.AI offers an always-free version of the platform which might be of interest to individual users such as students. That being said, this free tier’s usage limits are quite restricted, which means users will need to upgrade to the next tier quite quickly in order to achieve their intended goal with the platform. Although the AI & Analytics engine does not offer an always-free subscription tier, they do offer users a 2-week free trial at Business Subscription tier. This would allow users who are trialing the Engine to have access to more features in the Engine.

Though both platforms allow users to build predictive AI models in a matter of minutes, without any coding, the AI & Analytics Engine offers features that are more beginner-friendly, such as AI-guided data preparation and Model Recommender. The Engine is suitable for individual users, small/medium-sized businesses, or even large enterprises, with or without a data science team. So, if you are just starting to try out ML capability for the first time, the Engine is a smart and streamlined tool for users to build their complete end-to-end ML pipelines.


Not sure where to start with machine learning? Reach out to us with your business problem, and we’ll get in touch with how the Engine can help you specifically.

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